Best Kundalini Retreat in India
Yoga ITC - Yoga Teacher Training Residential Program
offerd by the New Consciousness Meditation & Yoga Centre®

We organize 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs for groups of 15-
20. Our Yoga Teacher Training Residential program giv3s insight into deeper levels of Yoga. This program is for those interested in teaching Hatha Yogathe physical postures and movements includirg power yoga) and Pranayama(breath training techniques), with a good introduction to the Chakra System. Alsofor those interested in develophg an in-depth daily Yoga practice based on thewhole Science of Yoga, including
Me:litation, dance and Philosophy. This is aCertification course, all our students will receive the Yoga Teacher Certificate fromour registered Centre.

Yoga is like an ocean. Many rivers came & merged in the ocean of yoga. Therivers that came to ocean of yoga differ in teaching or courses but share the samedestination. There are five main branche; of yoga. Raja yoga – Royal path of yogaemphasis on meditation or r3alization. The way is like a king, you get it withouteffort. t is like a Zen.

Gyan  yoga  – Path of wisdom.It’s emphasis on self  enquiry &

swaadhyay (Self study).

Hatha yoga – The path of the body & energy emphasison awakening the energy.

Bhalcti yoga – the path of devotion, surrendering you to the divine.

Karma yoga – the path of selfless service.

Hatha Yoga – There are eight limbs in yoga according to Patanjali.

  • Varna : Universal morality
  • Niyama : Personal observances
  • Asanas : Body postures
  • Pranayama : Breathing exercises, and control of prana
  • Pratyahara : Control ot the senses
  • Dharana :Concentration and cultivating inner percep ual awareness
  • Dhyana : Devotion,Meditation on the Divine
  • Samadhi : Union with the Divine

This mind c;;nnot enter on the path of yoga because yoga means a methodo/og-yto reveal the truth. Yoga is a methoc to come to a non-dreaming mind. Yoga is thescience to be in the here and now. ‘rbga means now you are ready not to moveinto the future. Yoga means you are ready now not to hope. not tojump ahead ofyour being. ‘rbga means to encounter the reality as it is.


Up until now you have lived as a chaos. a crowd. Yoga means r.ow you will haveto be a harmony. you will have to become one. A crystallization is needed: acentering is needed. And unless you artain a center. all that you do is useless. It iswasting li e and time. A center is thefirst necessity. and onfl/ aperson can beb/issfu/ whohas got acenter.Everybody asks for it. but you cannot ask. Youhaveto

earn 111 Ever;body hankers for a blissful state of being. but onfl/ a center can beblissful.A crowd cannot be blissful. a crowd has got no self. There no atman. Who is going to be blissful.·