All about Yoga Teacher Training in Goa India

India is a colorful country that is visited by travelers every year. Every destination has its own specialty, but one thing that brings travelers together is their need for peace and serenity. This is where yoga paved its way.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual exercise that aims to relax mind and body. It is a renowned method for workout considering the importance of sheer liberation of the mind, body and soul. Yoga is India’s gift to the world. People have taken up yoga for physical strengthening and mental balancing.

Yoga has become very popular across the globe. Looking at its ample benefits, even Indian schools have decided to incorporate yoga as a compulsory subject in their curriculum. In fact Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposal to commemorate an International

Yoga Day got approval from European Union President Herman Van Rompuy at UN. A lot of people in India and abroad (yoga is enjoying rising popularity in the United States – Times of India) have included yoga in their lifestyle, inspiring others to take up this exercise for mental peace. This gave birth to India’s top yoga training schools like Yoga Village, providing yoga courses, trainings, organizing workshops and yoga teacher training in Goa, Pune, Rishikesh and Dharamsala.

What does Yoga Teacher Training in Goa comprise?

As yoga is adopted by many schools across the world, yoga teacher training Goa has become essential. In order to achieve the maximum benefit of this ancient science, it is necessary to be learnt through a professional trainer.

The rising demand for learning this ancient yet useful technique, getting professionally trained has become necessary. Top notch institutes like Yoga Village in Goa provide expert yoga teacher training and yoga certification in Goa. The yoga courses in Goa are well- designed by qualified and experienced trainers, who offer both theoretical and practical training to yoga enthusiasts.

The teacher training course is a combination of theory and practical education. Comprising of about 200 hours of training, the course basically instructs how to teach and practice the techniques learnt and how to conduct classes. It generally starts with teaching different styles of yoga.

Why is it important to take Yoga Teacher Training in Goa?

If you are a yoga enthusiast and looking forward to make a career in this industry, getting a professional certificate in this field is important. Owing to its many health benefits, yoga has gained immense popularity in foreign countries. Hence, the job opportunities for professional yoga trainers/teachers are decent in these countries.

The certified yoga teachers have various options once they complete their training. These professionals can opt for job in India or abroad or even start their business.

How to find a good Yoga Teacher Training Institute in Goa?

Before enrolling with an institute, ask certain questions to yourself:

1. What kind of yoga do I want to learn and teach later?

2. Is the training school I am enrolling with reputed?

3. Do they offer placement guidance?

4. Do they give job guarantee?

When considering doing a teacher training course, it is good to opt for a professional training class/institute. One can read online reviews and take advice from friends and relatives to find good yoga teacher training class in Goa and other parts of India.

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