The Path of Yoga : Yoga The Alpha and the Omega Volume 4

In Volume 4, Osho continues his talks on the yoga sutras of Patanjali, as Patanjali address the seed, or the source, of misery-a look at what makes misery inevitable, from an inner point of view. Given any of life’s situations, one can be happy. The main reason that we are not is because we habitually and mechanically seek solutions and understanding outside of ourselves. It is like a child building a house of blocks around himself until he is trapped, and then calling out for help from his self-made prison. He seems to find it more convenient to cry out in anguish than to, finally and irrevocably, take responsibility for himself. This is a vision of how to begin to go inwards and break the cycle of anguish-blame that so many of us find ourselves in.

Yoga, according to Osho, need not be a path of hardship. It has been misinterpreted as such by people who mistrust the natural and fear freedom. Austerity is simplicity : living not through desires but through needs. And these talks deal with how to re-establish a relationship with ourselves where we can determine what our needs are.

Excerpt from this series..

Whenever you listen to the voice of the ego, sooner or later there will be trouble. You will fall into the trap of misery. This you have to watch:

Ego always leads into misery, always, unconditionally; always, categorically, absolutely.
And whenever you listen to nature, it leads you to a well-being, a contentment, a silence, a bliss. So this should be the criterion.
You will have to make many errors; there is no other way.
You have to watch your own choice, from where the voice is coming, and then you have to see what happens – because the fruit is the criterion