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The Importance of Ancient Yoga in Modern Hectic Life

Yoga is the way of life that benefits human mind and body. It is the only natural way to keep your body fit, without requiring you to join expensive gym and workout using machinery or rely on medicines.

Yoga is the only way to achieve and live a balanced life. Although it was largely practiced in the yesteryear, it has also enhanced its importance in the modern life. In fact, yoga has gained popularity in both India and abroad. Today a million of people practice yoga regularly to keep the self fit, energetic and stress-free.

In India and foreign countries a lot of people have enrolled for professional yoga teacher training in Goa to gain deeper knowledge about the field.

Before we began explaining you the significance of yoga, let us first know what is yoga and its importance.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental and religious practice that aims to transform body, mind and soul. It involves positions and respiration techniques to stimulate rest. Yoga, basically, involves various ‘asana.’ The total eight limbs of yoga is its main feature.

Do you know what the eight limbs (branches) of yoga are? The 8 branches of yoga as described are:

1. Yama (principles)

2. Niyama (personal disciplines)

3. Asana (Yoga postures)

4. Dhyan (Meditation)

5. Samadhi (Salvation)

6. Pranayama (Yogic breathing)

7. Dharana (Concentration)

What is the importance of yoga in modern stressful life?

The stress and mental pressure is so high in today’s time that most people look for peace and serenity. A lot of people across the world are following yoga either in the form of certain asana or a combination taught by yoga gurus. Some enroll to yoga courses in Goa to get deeper understanding of the field.

Some yoga asana work best to cure a particular health issue. There are many books available in the market that recommends asana depending on the medical issues. There are asana/yoga exercises that cure various diseases like obesity, diabetics, heart diseases, high blood pressure, various spine issues, arthritis and respiratory problems etc. In short, yoga has become an answer to every problem in life.

Why practice yoga regularly?

In a stressful life, yoga has several benefits. Yoga involves both stretching and bending exercises that improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility. It also works as psychological therapy reducing stress and hypertension. In short, it reduces nervousness.

In today’s stressful life, people generally complain of frequent mood swings and anxiety. Daily yoga exercises improve concentration. It gives a sense of calmness. Most importantly, yoga leads to better sleep.

The Bottom Line

People who want to reduce tension and lead a peaceful life, practicing yoga daily are important. They should take professional yoga training in Goa or enroll for yoga courses in Goa.

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