Meditation in Rishikesh

10 days Kundalini Meditation Course with Ramabuddha.

for single and group retreat!

Kundalini, the symbol of the serpent power is used in many religions in so many different names. But what is behind this word? How to discover this energy through meditation and breathing?
In our 10 day Kundalini Meditation Course we discover our mind through various meditation and breathing techniques as a tool to clarify the questions and relations between mind and body; between outside and inside.

“If you have seen a serpent standing on his tail, you will be surprised, because a serpent has no bones. Standing on his tail is a miracle, because there are no bones, so how is he supporting himself? Ordinarily the serpent is always sitting or resting, with his body in the form of a circle. That is the meaning of kundalini. Kundalini means circular, concentric circles. That is the ordinary situation of everybody’s inner energy; it is in a circular way sleeping or resting.
Kundalini means the serpent lying there fast asleep; it has to be awakened through meditation. Once it wakes up it starts rising upwards. When it reaches to the ultimate center of your being — SAHASRAR — the last center, the last rung of the ladder, you have arrived home.” Osho

In this Kundalini Meditation Course you will receive the uniquely and self-invented meditation techniques of Yogi Ramabuddha as well as traditional meditation techniques, which will give you an overview and the basic understanding of Meditation.

Ramabuddha Meditation – Courses Offered

Ramabuddha is famous for his uncommon approach to helping people open to themselves in a new and genuine way. He knows that it is not possible for effort to bring you to a real meditative state. It is relaxation in this moment that you must discover. If it cannot be found in this moment, it cannot be found anywhere.

This approach is the path of mysticism…. The awakening to the Eternal Flower. The focus is not on a certain technique. In fact, the technique may change at different stages of the process.

Price: Euro 1400 (residential)

Euro 949 (non residential)

Please note: a Non-Refundable Deposit of Euro 500 is required to reserve your space.  The remainder due before the course starts.

This course is based on two meditation sessions per day over a total of 10 days .

Approximate Schedule:

2 sessions per day – 10am-12pm & 3pm -5pm (all times are approximate and may change depending on students requirements and other factor)

Sessions take the form of a tutorial, including personal inquiry, questions to the teacher, teaching of techniques and meditation time.

Course Contents – includes but not limited to:

-Clarifying concepts related to Kundalini & Meditation

-Self-invented meditation techniques

-How to live meditative in daily life

-Answering the question of whether one can achieve Enlightenment through the awakening of Kundalini

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