Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is the potential form of prana or life force, lying dormant in our bodies at the base of the spine, Kundalini is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning either coiled up or coiling like a snake. It is a term in yoga, referring to a reservoir of psychic energy at the base of the spine.

Kundalini is described to be the coiled energy that looks like a serpent which has three and a half coils that are resting at the bottom of the spine. The three coils in Kundalini Yoga are known as the three Gunas which are the Sattva, Rajas, Tamas. The VIkritis represent the half coil.

The divine cosmic energy is sleeping at base of spine in coiled form. Each and every person is having some cosmic prana shakthi inside and the divine Kundalini power can be felt as a warm magnetic energy that rises from base of spine to top. Along its path are the seven major chakra centers. When this energy passes through a chakra center, that center becomes activated and alive. When this energy flows in the mind and body then Kundalini become stronger and stronger and this is when person feels snake sensations at back of spine.

Kundalini awakening and its process of rising. Kundalini awakening happens through spiritual practice or spiritual transfer of energy. While meditating the person experiences the electromagnetic power or aura energy and this with practise will lead to the higher frequency vibrations at base of spine. This is sign of Kundalini awakening and rising.

Your soul will awaken this power at a suitable time. The sign of the Kundalini power allows your innate psychic abilities to be recognized. This energy brings an incredibly high resonance that alters the rate at which the cells vibrate. This generally indicates a spiritual growth procedure is underway.

Kundalini transforms on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Kundalini is your path into the globe of paranormal, magical experiences as well as esoteric understanding. It enables you to learn concerning the multi-dimensions of your being and also if utilized properly, can change your life.

Benefits of Kundalini

  • Kundalini is a pure divine energy, it helps with curing headache, anxiety, insomnia, depression which will be free a person from mental destructions, stress, psychic issues.
  • Kundalini brings psychic powers, stable at mind level, balanced at emotional level and it brings spiritual heights, the person will be free from pain & suffering.
  • When Kundalini awakens, a person may experience deeper empathy with others, and this empathy can almost become telepathic.
  • Kundalini enhances the awareness, consciousness, concentration, memory and will power.
  • Kundalini rising fills person with positivity and negative thoughts no longer seems to surround anymore.
  • Kundalini brings¬†health, wealth, detachment, spiritual growth, peace & harmony within you.
  • Kundalini makes you to connect the divine by each and every experiences.
  • Kundalini keeps you blissful in each & every moment. It brings true spiritual experiences.