5 Reasons Why You Should Take Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Are you passionate about yoga? Do you want to make yoga as a career? If you just said yes, you have come to the right place. There are numerous professional yoga training centres in Goa that specialize in providing teacher training for those interested in imparting the knowledge of yoga to enthusiasts.

Two kinds of people come to teacher training:

1. Those who love yoga and wish to explore more or gain deeper knowledge

2. Those who want to teach others and want to see them healthy and fit.

For some, teaching yoga is their biggest passion; however they don’t know where to get expert training from. We are here to solve your this purpose. Yoga Village is a registered yoga school by Government of India, with its training centers in Goa, Rishikesh, Dharamsala and Pune. It provides yoga teacher training & yoga certification to one who wishes to learn this art. This program is exclusively carved for those interested in teaching Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Chakraa System and other asans.

If you are seeking one reason to get yoga teacher training in Goa, we give you five (5).

Read the complete article to know five reasons why you should take professional yoga teacher training.

Chance to be a reason of the healthy and happy life of your students

One of the best fees for a teacher is the good transformation of their students. Imagine a student, who came to you, tired and stressed a few weeks back and now transmuted into a healthy, happier and visibility more relaxed individual. How will you feel looking at this change Obviously, you’ll be more than happy to see him/her, and even more contented after knowing this change is due to the yoga lessons you have imparted in that person.

Looking your students prosper because of the learning you gave them is one of the many reasons why most people go for professional yoga teacher training in Goa.

Reconnects you to the world and those in need of your support and guidance

No matter how successful person you are, at the end of the day even you are a human. You feel low and you make mistakes. In fact during this time we all want to be alone and wish to shut ourselves in a room. However, yoga teachers despite facing such issues develop the strength to forget all negatives and move forward. That’s the power of yoga!

A yoga teacher feels more satisfied every time they teach, no matter how stressed and worried they are, teaching yoga uplifts their confidence and reenergizes their mind and body. According to a few yoga teachers I’ve met, they say yoga reconnects them to the world and gives opportunities to be a reason of somebody’s good healthy and happy life. This is the second reason why more and more people are shifting their focus from just learning yoga to getting professionally trained.

Helps expand their understanding of the field

As quoted by Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma (Yogi Bhajan) “If you want to learn something, read about it, if you want to understand something, study it, and if you want to master something, teach it.”

When asked to people getting professionally trained in this area why they wish to take yoga courses in Goa? The answer was “I wish to expand my understanding of yoga and learn more about this field to share my knowledge with those in need.”

Teaching training in yoga helps you know more about the area, which is so vast and flourishing.

Gives a lot of practice

As they say, practice is the key to success. Similarly, as a teacher when you teach your student what you have learnt about yoga this will give you practice and practical exposure. Always remember, knowledge is meant for sharing not preserving. The more your share, the better practice and the deeper knowledge you’ll get. This could be one another reason to opt for yoga courses in Goa.

Better job opportunities in India and Abroad

As we know yoga has received international stature, the career scope is widened a lot in this sphere. A lot of countries like United States, United Kingdom and others are in huge demand of professional yoga trainer. Hence, job opportunities along with excellent pay package are what one can expect from this field.

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